The objective of Manufacturas Alco, S.A. has always been to give the best service to our customers with a high quality article. Therefore, we invest in Quality in all its concept.

Our policy of continuous improvement – adapting and updating our facilities and our production systems – contributes to greater security in all areas.

All our products are certified according to European safety standards, and we are proud of our commitment with the environment. This concern leads us to control the quality and, above all, the origin of our raw material -textiles, plastics, aluminum and woods from sustainable forests-, maintaining a direct relationship with our suppliers.

Also, human capital is always in Alco’s top priorities. We constantly invest in staff trainings, enhancing their capabilities to maintain the quality of our products.

In addition to this, we keep the focus on design and quality improvement – beyond the requirements of our customers and legal obligations – by looking for new materials, respectful with the environment and health. Our association with AIDIMME helps usin this commitment .

We always try to minimize environmental impact by controlling – and as far as possible reducing – the consumption of natural resources, efficient waste management and prevention of pollution.

In short, in Alco we are committed to maintaining and improving the Management System according to the Standards of the ISO 9001 based on the provided service quality, environmental protection and on the safety and health of our workers by training and informing all the staff.

How do we differentiate ourselves? Made in Spain. If you do not know what this means or you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.


Management System Certification

UNE EN ISO9001: 2015

Management System Certification

Furniture Certifications

EN 581-1 / 581-2 / 581-3
Periodic tests to our full range of products

Periodic tests to our full range of products

Children swings certification

EN 71-8

Other certifications

Internationalization Plan of Navarre European Regional Development Fund

European regional development fund

A way to make Europe

MANUFACTURAS ALCO, S.A. has participated in the ICEX-Next Export Initiation Program, and has benefited from the support of ICEX and the co-financing of the FEDER European Funds. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.