The objective of Manufacturas Alco, S.A. has always been to offer the best service to our customers with a quality item through a competitive price. We take very seriously the trust that our clients place in us each year and for this reason we have assumed the commitment to maintain and continuously improve our Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001 Standards based on the health and safety of our workers, the quality of our service and on the environmental protection.

Besides, we are aware that our business management has to be in line with the needs and demands of the society and that is why we have decided to go one step further with the development and incorporation of our own Plan for equal opportunities for women and men, based on Royal Decree 901/2020, of October 13, which regulates equality plans and their registration.

Our policy of continuous improvement and process efficiency based on the updating of our infrastructures and production systems, contributes to greater safety in all areas. We are committed to investing in the human factor, by training our staff, enhancing their capabilities to maintain the quality of our products as a response to the demands of our customers.

We invest a lot of effort and resources in improving our designs and in the search for innovative materials that respect the health and the environment. To achieve this, we submit our articles to tests for subsequent certification by AIDIMME, TUV or FCBA, ensuring compliance with European standards. In addition, as AIDIMME partners we receive the latest information on materials and regulations. This commitment leads us to control the quality and, above all, the origin of our raw material (textiles, plastics, aluminum and wood from sustainable forests) maintaining direct and continuous communication with our suppliers. In addition, every year, AENOR audits the Chain of Custody of our wood as indicated by the PEFC and FSC regulations.

We always try to minimize our ecological footprint by controlling – and as far as possible reducing – the consumption of natural resources, through efficient waste management and pollution prevention.

All this as a whole helps us to have a qualified and motivated workforce, a portfolio of loyal clients, and an effective resources and raw materials management, driving us to keep innovating, improving and continuously learning to achieve sustainable business development.

What makes us different? Made in Spain.



UNE EN ISO9001: 2015


EN 581-1 / 581-2 / 581-3
Periodic tests to our full range of products


EN 71-8



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